Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Never Know Who Lives Upstairs

Today I found out that my former upstairs neighbor has been a world-renowned plus-size model for several years. Though I had heard rumors about said neighbor having some type of modeling career from others, they weren't of such significance that I had to know more. Former neighbor lived upstairs for only about 1.5 years, just long enough to attend grad school nearby and move on. Sightings of her were rare, but on those few occasions, I was not struck by any extraordinary beauty or plus-sizedness (I would not consider a woman of her height/dimensions to be plus-size; if that were the case, plus-size wouldn't have the negative connotation it often has). Flashforward to today, when I find out through the newspaper that said former neighbor is indeed quite renowned, so much so as to be featured in a major publication in the coming months. With this news, I admit my curiosity got the best of me and a Googling I went. Sure enough, said former neighbor is indeed quite renowned for her modeling (and yes, I did see some images I rather would not have). The point is, as the title of this post suggests, that you never know who lives upstairs.

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