Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Laws of Attraction

Ever wonder what constitutes the laws of attraction? I often wonder this myself, though perhaps not in the same context as typically associated. There are the laws of attracting love and wealth into your life, but what about the laws of attracting the weird? I can't help but ponder this curious issue because everywhere I go, it never fails: I attract weird people. Now, I don't mean to be insulting or to put anybody down, but it is uncanny. I've encountered quite the range, from the strange substitute teacher who always seeks me out to mutter comments to, to the elderly man in Venice who barked at me like a dog. Let's not forget the drunk women who hailed my friend and I down that morning and asked for a ride to the liquor store (we said no). There is the man with three noses and the creep who asked me strange questions and then followed myself and two other females off the train (I reported him to a cop). In grad school a fellow classmate with whom I did a group project spoke in a faux British accent and called me up at all hours to complain about the other members of our group. A supervisor at an internship I did horded everything under the sun in her office and in her car, including papers smeared with dog poo. She also never showered and ate rotting food. Then there was the co-worker who seemed nice and normal until I went to her house and discovered a stripper pole in bedroom and a window from the bedroom into the shower. If you can believe it, the examples shared here barely scratch the surface of the depth of weird people I've encountered. What exactly my point is in sharing this I don't know... But sometimes it just helps to get it out there :-)

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